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Breast Reconstruction.

It Matters.

Hello and Welcome. I'm Jennifer, and I had breast reconstruction surgery in 2008. That was a very stressful time for me. I had many more questions than answers at first, and I desperately needed answers.

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Breast reconstruction matters.

I'm participating on this site to help women like you find answers to their questions about breast reconstruction after mastectomy, and gain the confidence to discuss their breast reconstruction options with their surgeons.

Breast reconstruction is the right of every woman who has had, or is planning to have, a mastectomy. Surprisingly, though, only a small percentage of women facing a mastectomy are offered breast reconstruction.

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Either way, you'll find a wealth of information that can help you ask the right questions, and make the right choices. Because that's what really matters.

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Breast Reconstruction Options in the News

Technology advancements for breast reconstruction on Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act®.