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Suggested Questions to Ask Your Doctor

In addition to questions you may have, the following is a list of some questions you may consider asking your doctor if you are considering breast reconstruction surgery. Please feel free to download them, print them out, and take them with you to your next appointment.

  • How will breast reconstruction impact my cancer treatment?
  • What are all my breast reconstruction options?
  • Which reconstruction option is best for me, and why?
  • How many surgeries and office visits will a breast reconstruction require?
  • How long will my entire reconstruction take?
  • What is the best result I can expect?
  • Do you have before-and-after photos for different procedures that I can look at?
  • What should I expect when I wake up after surgery?
  • What will my recovery be like?
  • How long will my recovery take?
  • What are the potential risks, side effects and complications of each type of reconstruction?
  • How many and what kind of procedures do you do a year?
  • When will I be able to return to my normal routine (go back to work, return to my normal physical activities, exercise, etc)?
  • What will my scars look like?
  • If I'm unhappy with my results, what are my options?

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