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Calendar of Events

Please visit our desktop site to view the calendar.

Here is a calendar of breast cancer-related events and support groups occurring nationally and by state. The national calendar appears below. To view groups and events in your state, simply click on the pull-down menu to select your state and then click GO. You may find some of these events of interest, as they may provide you with opportunities to better understand the various aspects of breast cancer and reconstruction, and find a sense of community by connecting with other women who may share a similar experience.

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National Events

Please note that by clicking on the "more details" or "copy to my calendar" links in the pop-up box for each event, you will be directed to sites that are not affiliated with LifeCell™ and LifeCell™ accepts no responsibility for their content. You may click the "X" in the box in the top right corner of the pop-up box to remain on this site. Please be advised, this calendar does not include all events. If you would like to add your support group meeting or event to the calendar, please e-mail