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Roldye's Story

Patient Stories

Roldye's Story

It was just another day in December when Roldye went to get her yearly mammogram. But, when the mammogram and further testing showed that she had breast cancer, it was no longer just another day; it was a whole new world. "Oh, my gosh, I have breast cancer," she thought. "Oh, my gosh, what am I going to do? What am I going to do?" It was later that she learned that she would need a mastectomy and about her options for breast reconstruction.

Roldye's Reconstruction

When her doctor informed her that she would need to have a mastectomy, he also discussed breast reconstruction. "I was relieved," Roldye says. "It gave me more options. When my mother had breast cancer, she didn't have an option of breast reconstruction."

Roldye met with a surgeon and learned more about breast reconstruction after mastectomy. "I chose implant reconstruction with AlloDerm," she says. "It feels natural to the touch, it's comfortable, and it doesn't feel like I had a mastectomy. It feels like a real breast."

Roldye's Advice

Roldye advises any woman facing mastectomy to choose breast reconstruction. She shares her story and her results as an example of what's possible. "Look how I look," she says. "This is what breast reconstruction surgery can make you feel and make you look." After breast reconstruction, Roldye says, "you feel whole, you feel like a woman, and you can still be sexy."

Your Reconstruction

The method of reconstruction you choose will depend on a variety of factors. The best way to determine which procedure will best meet your goals is to meet with a qualified surgeon. You can use our Doctor Finder to find a breast reconstruction surgeon near you.

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